26. March 2015

New Diamond Bit for the HDD use

The Diamond bit works keenly and so it ensures a two to three times faster drilling progress in hard soil in comparison to a common Tricone bit. The Diamond bit is available as Wing bit in different sizes and types and can be used on all rockdrill rigs.

04. February 2015

29. Oldenburger Rohrleitungsforum 19.-20.02.2015

Also this year we are represented at the IRO in Oldenburg and will present our current product range. You can find us at booth F20. We look forward to your visit.

04. August 2014

New Mobile Recycler: MT 375RA

In 10 years the new employees in the HDD- industry will not believe that in the past bentonite was simply disposed of in fields. With the new model of the approved mobile recycler the drilling fluid can be prepared for re-use immediately on your jobsite. Be independent of external service providers, expensive waiting times and high costs at the disposal are from yesterday. Instead of that the tools are preserved and the drilling canal is clean due to optimal purge volume. You will find more information on our website section "Mobile recycler".

17. July 2014

First HDD- Drillrig of the new MT 11x39 series in operation in North Germany

Already at the beginning of the year one of our customers around Hannover started to work with the MT 11x39 Rockdrill. Now for the first time the small powerful MT 11x39 Powerdrill with 152 m jet drillrods was delivered to a customer around Berlin.

04. July 2014

The first HDD- Drillrig MT 18x70 Powerdrill in the Netherlands

Last week the first HDD- drillrig was delivered to the Netherlands. The unit was equipped with 210 meters drillrods and a powerful 500 liters bentonite pump especially for the local needs.

07. June 2013

Presented at the BAUMA: MT 300R

With the mobile recyling- solution the drilling fluid can be prepared for re-use with a cleaning performance up to 250 litres per minute immediately on your jobsite. You will find more information on our website section "Mobile recycler"

06. June 2013

NEW: Mixing Unit M8000E

The mixing unit M8000E is composed of two mixing units with two drive and pump units on frame with electric driven engine which allow working without interruption. You will find more information on our website section "Mixing units".

17. January 2013

BAUMA 2013 from 15 - 21 April in Munic/Germany

Visit us at the International Trade Fair BAUMA 2013 in Munich. We are exhibiting at booth F9.N914/5.

04. June 2012

NEW: Hole Opener R4

The new R4-Hole Opener is available now. The robust construction with arms is designed for high traction forces. The cutters have a long durability by greasable bearings. Optionally, the R4-Hole Opener is available with a built-in rotating-swivel. You will find more information on our website section "Rock Drilling Tools".

12. September 2011

NEW: Compact sondehousing "ShortTrack"

The "ShortTrack"- sondehousing is already available for many machines. Due to the integration of an EZ- Connect connection and drillbit- connection the ShortTrack is in comparison to standard sondehousings approx. 30 - 40 cm shorter. Consequent improved steering characteristics, less weight and better handling. You will find more information on our website section "sondehousing".

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