Locating System

Digital Control Locating Systems

DigiTrak® SE™

DigiTrak® SE™
Fig.: DigiTrak® SE™


• Target-in-the-box locating

• Left/right remote steering

• Roll offset

• Picture-driven menu

• Latest 3-D antenna technology

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DigiTrak® SE™ Receiver

DigiTrak® SE™ Receiver
Fig.: DigiTrak® SE™ Receiver


• The DigiTrak® SE® - Location System has an

   image-driven menu structure

• Because of the menu system there will be no

   language problems and can be used worldwide

• Easily navigation in the menu using a single

   control button

• The 3D antenna allows the target-in-the-box ®-

   location with a top view, which ensures that you

   can go from any direction directly to the locate




DigiTrak® SE™ Display

DigiTrak® SE™ Display
Fig.: DigiTrak® SE™ Display


• The SE remote display (SED) allows you to see the

   drilling information at the drill rig

• The SED is equipped with an external antenna










DigiTrak® SE™ Lithium-ion Battery Charger

DigiTrak® SE™ Battery Charger
Fig.: DigiTrak® SE™ Battery Charger


• The DCI Lithium-ion battery charger and lithium-ion

   battery packs have LEDs to provide quick status checks











DigiTrak® SE™ Transmitter

DigiTrak® SE™ Transmitter
Fig.: DigiTrak® SE™ Transmitter


• Send drill information, such as slope,

   borehead position, depth and temperature

   to the receiver

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Fig. Description
Color Frequency Dimensions [mm] Range [m]
Grey 12 kHz 203,2 x 25,4 4,6
ST Mint 12 kHz 381 x 31,7 15,2


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